SecuredPrefs & Passwords

The best solution for storing local data safely, create strong password hashes and detect cheaters in Unity.

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Prefab Mass Applier

A little helper that can save you hours over time, just one click to apply as many prefabs as you want!

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Fast Mesh Combine

A small optimization tool to reduce draw-calls. The easiest and fastest way to combine meshes in Unity.

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Mass Component Copier

And another tool to save some time! Copy multiple components to multiple GameObjects at once.

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There is even more, you can check all our assets on our publisher page.


We want to make your game development easier, faster, and more fun. By speeding up boring tasks, like lots of clicking, copying and pasting etc. we make sure you can focus on the important part, the gameplay. We want all of our assets to be easy to implement, use and understand. That's why source code is always included.

Easy to integrate

We want our assets to be easy to implement in any type of project, no matter the scope.

Speeding up

We will always try to speed up your development, and perform time consuming tasks for you.

User control

Source code will always be included, so you can change it if you want, or learn from it.


If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.